Geomatics, GIS, Cartography and Dataviz

My expertise
From study to conception.

About 80% of existing data is geographic.

Okoe is a multidisciplinary agency focused on the realization of your spatial analysis projects.

In a nutshell

OKOE can help you realizing Geomatics/GIS, Cartographic and Dataviz projects. From the study to the production, till the support and visual rendering.

Many years of experience

After studying urban planning, environment and sustainability of territories, I specialized in Geomatics applied to Urban issues and acquired several years of experiences in different companies.

During my professional experience, I had the chance to realize various projects, for example territorial assessments, mobility analytics, 3D models of natural hazard (floodings and earthquakes) or implantation of wind projects.

Domains : Urban planning, sustainable development, environment, renewable energies, construction, telecom, natural and technological risks, mobility, education, press, publishing house, etc.

With this background I decided to become independent and to use my skills and experience to help companies with these fascinating and constantly evolving subjects.

About Sébastien Wamster

Sébastien Wamster

  1. March 2019
    Founding of OKOE
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